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Bed BugsBed Bugs

There are plenty of reasons why the phrase goes, “DON’T let the bed bugs bite.” These little pests will strike anywhere they can find nourishment. Most of their nourishment comes from blood, which is why they’ll often claw at humans if they can’t find another source. Usually found in bedding spots, hence their name, these insects will often try to sneak up on people while they sleep and bite at exposed skin. Call Monroe Pest Control, and we’ll catch the bugs hiding in your bed.

Bees & WaspsWasp

These little critters are rather conservative in their approach, limiting their daily activity to maintain their energy for longer. Bees stay extremely still for the balk of the time they’re awake, while wasps do practically nothing from evening until morning. Just about anywhere a gap exists, there’s a “doorway” bees or wasps will want to go through. And if you bump into one of these fellas hard enough, you may experience a severe allergic reaction, which, in worst case scenarios, could be fatal. Eliminate that fear with Monroe Pest Control; we’ll catch them in the act.

Box EldersBox Elder

Named for the type of tree on which they’re typically found, box elders thrive heavily on warmth, spending the spring and summer days basking in the sun. When there’s a large crowd of these insects, they split up and search for an indoor or underground place to more readily access heat, utilizing any crack or hole they can find. When spring comes again, they typically go back outside and stay there until fall. While not known to bite, box elders can nick at the skin , resulting in irritation and redness. With the help of Monroe Pest Control, box elders will have no way to enter.

Carpenter Bees
Carpenter Bee

Much like how human carpenters rarely do any work alone, these bees frequently travel in large packs. Their preoccupation for burrowing into wood makes their colonization path difficult to predict. Carpenter bees can utilize practically any wood surface to lay eggs and/or build a nest. Though not typically violent, female carpenter bees have been known to attack on rare occasions if they sense their habitats are in danger. Quick motions can also provoke them. While males are beign, the differences between the sexes are difficult to spot, so you may not know from a distant angle whether you’re in danger. Request help from Monroe Pest Control, and let us get rid of these little pests.


The darker, emptier, and wetter a given spot is, the more likely a centipede will claim it for shelter. Once they find a suitable location, they use the area for reproduction. When it comes to centipedes, size can make all of the difference: the bigger a centipede is, the more poisonous and painful its bite. Call Monroe Pest Control; we’ll help you locate and expunge these nuisances.


These fellas might not be quite as threatening to your house, but they can tear up your property. Chipmunks like digging holes in grass, rock surfaces, and flower beds to find food. Contact Monroe Pest Control to stop damage to your lawn and start enjoying the outdoors again. Contact us today for more information.

Cluster Flies

These critters are perhaps the most random wanderers among all pests - entering homesCluster Fly during the season through any crack. Though they typically stay outdoors throughout the warm seasons, they can stumble from house to house during the cold seasons and not know the difference. Once they arrive, cluster flies will hide pretty much anywhere they can find cover. They may not cause illness, but if left alone long enough, they could draw in other types of insects. Let the experts at Monroe Pest Control help you “blow all covers.” Contact us today for 24 hour emergency service.


Reproducing by the hundreds, the flea is the toxic “guerilla warrior” of the pest world, hiding in the most comfortable spots of your home, and jumping as high as eight inches in the air to reach larger living creatures. And they are arguably the greediest type of insect because they can never get enough of their target. Once they’ve landed, they have no reason to leave. But it only takes one precise bite to cause its victim severe irritation and potential disease. But with help from Monroe Pest Control, you won’t have to worry about fleas jumping up from behind you.

House FliesHouse Fly

Studies suggest that at least one-third of the food produced in America winds up uneaten. Discarded food is a magnet for pests, and one of the insects that capitalize on it the most is the house fly, which uses organic material as a nest for its eggs. With a high rate of reproduction, this nuisance can quickly turn into an infestation in your home. House flies are also known to pick up and carry a wide number of diseases. Don’t wait! Let the experts at Monroe Pest Control swat out your fly problem.


Like a lot of the other pests, these creatures will seek shelter indoors when the weather is colder. Unlike a lot of the other pests, they’re not near as finicky about where to hang within a house. To a rodent, just about every room or spot is equally appealing. These fellas may be the cleverest pests of all, as they manage to break through barriers of wood, leaves, and the like. Worse yet, they are prone to carry diseases and leave bacteria wherever they scamper about. Contact Monroe Pest Control to get these critters out of your house before they make it their home.


Spiders are drawn to dusty, dirty, and dark places. Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, high or low, these eight-legged creepers can make their homes anywhere. And you may not want to assume what happened to Peter Parker was a complete exaggeration; one good bite could actually trigger a number of flu-like symptoms. Count on Monroe Pest Control to keep you clean and clear of arachnids.

Spider MitesSpider Mite

Plants can certainly make a home feel more welcoming, whether they’re sitting outside or inside. If you want to brighten a room with an indoor plant, take note of the risks of spider mites. Shorter than three percent of an inch, spider mites are extremely similar in color to house plants. So without your knowledge, they could rapidly tear up your beloved ficus or philodendron. The specialists at Monroe Pest Control have the ideal eyes for spotting these especially tricky creatures.

Yellow JacketsYellow Jacket

Tread especially careful if you’re ever around this black-and-yellow wasp. One bad move will set it off. Notorious for repeatedly stinging when provoked, the yellow jacket causes an average of half of a million medical emergencies a year. Much like fleas, these can be found in any indoor spot with decent warmth when it’s cold outside. And when they find a place they really like, they’ll insist on staying there for a number of months. But Monroe Pest Control guarantees these critters won’t be comfortable for as long as they expected.

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